Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much had changed

Wow, so much has changed since I posted last.

I left the hot dog job after 11 years and now I'm a manager at a photo job. Yep... I've taken a full-time photography job. No, I haven't given up on court reporting, but I have to earn a living while I wait between tests. So, not only have I left the comfort of the hot dog job, I'm actually the boss at the new job.

To tell the truth, I never wanted to be the boss anywhere. I like being a worker bee. However, one thing I've learned as I've looked for a full time job is that I'm over-qualified to just be the worker bee anymore. So, now I'm the manager and I get to learn how to be a boss and run a studio and manage labor and hours and all that stuff.

Beyond the new job, not much is new. Kitties and I still hanging in there. Hopefully now that I'm back to one job, I'll be in the blogosphere more often and keep everyone updated with my ever so exciting life.