Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And $200 later it's just a really bad cold

Of course it is complicated by the allergies that have "overwhelmed" my allrgy medicine. Yep, that is what the doc said this morning. I have overwhelming allergies, but fortunately, at this time he doesn't think it has turned into bronchitis.

The doctor gave me a new allergy med prescription and a steriod shot. He told me to rest for today and then return to normal life tomorrow. Whew!

The cats are being all lovey today. Of course, I'm not totally coughing up a lung today. I'm coughing quite a bit, but not nearly as much now. Steroids are amazing things.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'd like some cheese with my whine...

I am sick.

I hate being sick.

I am totally whiney and miserable when I'm sick.

Even the cats don't want to be around me when I'm sick.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Winners, September 21-27

The brain child of Lotus at Sarcastic Mom... Click on the badge for more Weekly Winners.

My Weekly Winners for September 21 - September 27


Miss A

Mr. B gave me a flower

And we all fall down...

Mr. B in the grass

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm home again

Well, the trip to Austin for the test wasn't all I wanted it to be.

I studied my study guide and felt good about my knowledge for the test. I woke up feeling awful on Saturday morning. No, let me rephrase that. I didn't sleep on Friday night because I felt awful AND I was nervous. I don't think the lack of sleep had any effect on my performance on the exam. The exam was the reason I think I didn't do so well on the exam. It wasn't what I expected and some of the questions were very poorly worded. Honestly, if I passed it, I'll be thrilled.

I had planned to hang around campus after I got finished taking the test and going to the LBJ Library and maybe going to the Capitol building. I was so frustrated and disappointed after the test, I just wanted to come home.

Now I wait for six weeks for my results.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Live from Austin

I woke up the morning with "allergies" (that's what I'm calling it until tomorrow afternoon) and so I don't feel exactly 100%, but I'll be fine. I slept in a little this morning for the extra rest and felt a little better when I got up again. I got stuff packed and the cats fed and a few little things done around the house. I didn't get on the road exactly when I wanted to, but was still able to avoid the worst of the traffic in both Fort Worth and Austin.

Anyway, I'm all checked into the hotel and settled into room #2. I came back from dinner only to hear how much my neighbors liked one another. I just asked to be moved. Now, I'm in pajamas, on the bed ready to do a little refreshing of my memory.

My text is at 9:00 in the morning. Well, I have to check in at 9:00. The test is 9:45 to 10:45. I'm nervous, but not overly so. A little nervous is good, I think. I have three alarms set for in the morning so I KNOW I won't oversleep!

So, off to refresh study...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #17


1. Sis A's Roses...

2. More Roses...

3. The reason for the trip to Amarillo & Dumas... PJ's Little guy.

4. Chubby little legs...

5. Mr. B

6. Miss A

7. Walking away

8. ...we all fall down!

9. Grandmother & Granddaddy B

10. You should have seen Sis A's face when she heard about this!!!!

11. Four O'clocks

12. It's strange to see someone you went to high school with on a billboard (I've blown up the person I know...)

13. You thought there wouldn't be a picture of the kitties?

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Busy, busy week...

It's the last week of school and my written state exam is on Saturday in Austin. I'm nervous, but not overly so. But, because of the test, I'm not going to get weekly winners done for last week. I'm also not going to be able to get many (if any) pictures this week. So, I'm going to cheat a little and show off PJ's little guy and my Miss A and Little B for this upcoming Sunday's Weekly Winners. I promise, I got some really, really cute shots. :)

The visit in Dumas and Amarillo was fun and bittersweet all at once. Friday night, I stayed with Grandmother and Granddaddy B. I had a great visit with them, but also saw how confused and frail Granddaddy B has become. It is heartbreaking to think that the man I've always seen as so strong has become so... old. Grandmother, on the other hand, is feeling better and better with the pacemaker. She said she wants to start walking for exercise even.

Saturday I had breakfast with G&G B and then was off to Dumas to see PJ and A. He is a cutie. It was a good visit with her and her family. It is always surreal to go to her parents' (mom and step-dad) house where I spent so much time as a youngster. The neighborhood looks the same, sort of. The trees are bigger. Her dad and step-mom are still weird and act like I'm an imposition on them. Oh well. I don't have to see them very often.

When A went down for his nap, I headed to Sunray to see G&G B again. Grandmother wanted me to come to the house. She wanted to know the things I wanted from the house. She said things like, "when the house sells..." and "when we move..." which are things she's never said, to me at least. I know she has her hands full with Granddaddy and that the this would come, but it is the bittersweet part of the trip.

Sunday I spent with A&D and their kids. Sis A and I went shopping for an outfit for D's sister's wedding. We found an awesome dress and shoes -- ON SALE. You can't beat that! When Sis A went to handbell practice at church, Miss A and Little B and their daddy and I played at the playground for a while then went to have ice cream. I got to put them (or help put them) to bed. I even got to read Miss A a bedtime story.

Little B and I got to hang out at Gran and Grandaddy C's house while Sis A went to a meeting. We played and played and had a great time. After Miss A got out of school, Sis A, Little B, and I went to pick out Little B's Lighting McQueen cake for his third birthday. Then we went back to Gran and Grandaddy's and shortly thereafter I had to leave to come back home. The trip home was uneventful. I didn't have any unplanned stops this time. (It had been YEARS since my last 'unplanned stop' by the way.)

I so want to move back up that direction. I miss everyone and wish I cold spend more time with them -- especially the grandparents. Well, I guess the test this Saturday is one more step in that direction.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Road Trip!

I made it safely to Amarillo. I didn't expect otherwise, honestly.

There were a couple of planned stops and one very unplanned stop. It was one that involved flashing red lights and ended with a grumpy local sheriff telling me to "slow it down." *sigh* I hate it when that happens. I was going above the posted speed limit -- not flying by any means, but above 70. Evidently, Maxie didn't like the interruption in the trip because he hissed at the cop. I was trying not to giggle about it. I figured it might be bad to bust out laughing as the cop was writing me a ticket.

G&G B were at Uncle J's so I got to visit with them last night and again this morning. Later this morning, I'll be heading to Big D to meet up with PJ and her mom and Little A. I will come bearing gifts for the little guy, of course, like any good aunt should!

I will also have my camera, so this week's Weekly Winners won't just be the cats! Aren't y'all excited?

Friday, September 19, 2008

On the road again...

I'm off to Amarillo! I'm so excited to get to meet PJ's little guy that I had trouble sleeping last night.

Oh, okay, so not sleeping had little or nothing to do with my drive today, but it sounds better than I just am not sleeping much these days because I've got insomnia again. I got a good four and a half or five hours last night, so I'm not going to complain too much. It's better than the two and a half I got the night before!

Anyway, the cats and I are off. Hopefully, I'll see happy kitty faces or sleeping kitty faces in the rear view mirror and not have a car sick kitty in Maxie. Here's hoping!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #16

Thirteen Totally Random Thoughts

1. Why? I mean, seriously-- huh? I am a big bacon fan. I love bacon. I think it should be a food group all to itself with a daily minimum requirement, but bacon flavored Spam? *shudder*

2. Facebook is oddly addictive and voyeuristic. I'm learning things about people I haven't even thought about in the past 20 years.

3. I am going on a cruise in like 8 months and need to lose a bunch of weight before I do. Um, yikes.

4. Even after all these years, I still think Rick Springfield is yummy.

5. I would rather be home in bed asleep than at work today.

6. Cold coffee when you're expecting hot coffee is yucky, yet cold coffee when you put ice and milk in it is yummy.

7. I have loads of things to do before I go to the Panhandle this weekend.

8. I am excited beyond belief to get to meet PJ's little guy!

9. I am also exited that I get to see Miss A and Little B and hear all about Miss A's school.

10. It is weird to me that a person I went to high school with is Miss A's principal and that he refers to Miss A's mother as "your kid sis."

11. If you had asked me three days ago who the top five people I least expected to hear from ever again, the person that added me as a friend on Facebook last night (and subsequently messaged me to see how I was doing/let me know about him) would have been in that top five list.

12. I got my confirmation/instructions for my written CSR exam yesterday.

13. I really should be working, but this is more fun.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Just Because it Made Me LOL

more animals

(In case you're wondering why it made me laugh so hard... my dad is "Robert" not "Bob.")

Monday, September 15, 2008

I have a life?

I have never actually needed a calendar before now. I mean, in general, for the past several years, my schedule has been M-F Work from 8-4:30, M,W,Th school 6:00-10:00, S&S Work at Photo Job. If I did anything out of that routine, it was so exciting (and rare) that I wasn't about to forget it.

Over the past few weeks, I've realized that I've got several things going on in my life and need to remember them. Let's see, I've got three test dates to remember in the next couple of months. Don't want to schedule anything on top of those! PJ and Little A are going to be in the Panhandle for ten days this month and I'm going to go see them. (While I'm there, I'm sure I'll see the grandparents and Miss A and Little B and their parents.) My sister will be here (maybe) in October. Fun stuff!!

You see? I mean, this is more than has gone on in my life for a long time! My calendar was from 2004... no kidding. I found a lovely (and free) template for a calendar and printed off the months I need and now, like most households, I have a calendar stuck to my fridge with my upcoming events marked on it.

In other news... can I just say finding health insurance is a total pain in the hiney? I knew leaving my job would also include leaving group health insurance, but I'd looked at different companies and policies online and done quite a bit of research, so I knew it would be expensive, but I figured it wouldn't be too bad.

What I failed to take into account was the fact that health insurance companies are evil. They can and will "uprate" you for having a hangnail anytime in the past 5 years. Heaven forbid you actually have any kind of health thing. I found out that because I have been diagnosed with depression I can't get mental health coverage. That didn't surprise me, to be honest. What totally ticked me off, though was the fact that the one company that would insure me uprated me for it -- didn't cover it, but charged me more.

I was also uprated for having seasonal allergies. I'd dare to guess that maybe 75% of the people in the U.S. have some sort of seasonal allergies and take something for it, yet, it was another excuse for the insurance company to uprate me. The policy was originally quoted to me for about $155 a month. By the time I got uprated for everything, it was going to cost me $245 a month and I would have a $750 deductible for prescriptions and a $3500 deductible for health/doctor's visits.

Thank goodness for COBRA insurance. I will actually pay more to keep the insurance through my job, but it is better insurance and I can get coverage for my hangnail!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Winners

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My Weekly Winners for September 7 - September 13

Before the storm:
This was taken as Ike rolled in to the Metroplex.

Ducks and Roses:
A nearby park.

Patriot Day:
Flags lined the road I live on.

The wreath next to my front door. It's made from barbed wire and wood from the barn and farm my daddy grew up on.

Buddy's Toes

My Favorite Pink Nose:
Maxie's cute pink nose.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15 -- I Hope We Never Forget

Since today isn't a "normal" Thursday, my Thursday 13 is going to be a bit different today. I hope each and everyone will take a moment to remember.

"Where were you when....?"

That seems to be the question of the day each September 11. I was at work. The boss was out of town and so the office was more relaxed than normal and we were all standing around chatting before we started our day. It wasn't even 8:00 a.m. (Texas time) yet.

A co-worker's husband called and told us to turn on the TV because a plane had hit the World Trade Center. We scoffed and thought it must be a mistake... an awful accident. It wasn't and we, like the rest of the world, watched in horror as the second plane hit, the towers fell. None of us cried. I think it was just too shocking, too unbelievable to think that airplanes had hit the Pentagon and the World Trade Center -- and then hearing about the plane that had gone down in Pennsylvania.

At about nine o'clock that morning, my boss' boss called and asked me to find everyone. She asked me to call each of my sales reps and find out where each person was (many were traveling and now stranded) and assure each of them that the company was there for them. I remember thinking that my brother-in-law was on his way to Baltimore (I don't know why I new that) and hoping, praying that his plane wasn't affected and had landed safely somewhere because at that point, it was still unclear where the planes had originated or were going.

September 11, 2001, like December 7 for my grandparents' generation and November 22 for my parents' generation is the day that will always be that "where were you when...?" day. I hope that none of us ever forget the fear and outrage we felt that day because if we forget we become complacent.

As I sit here today, watching a flag flutter in the breeze, there are so many things about that day that I will never forget.

I will never forget seeing that second plane turning and heading toward the World Trade Center and then watching in horror as it hit.

I will never forget watching the towers fall.

I will never forget the images of people, covered in dust and soot, walking away -- just walking.

I will never forget those who ran in as others ran out.

I will never forget the Falling Man.

I will never forget the rush of patriotism in the days following 9/11/2001.

I will never forget sitting in church surrounded by many, many people yet still feeling utterly alone and afraid.

I will never forget the sound of all those planes flying over trying to land at DFW Airport as American airspace was closed.

I will never forget the sound of utter silence at night in my apartment (that was in the DFW landing pattern) broken by F-14s doing flyovers.

I will never forget the seemingly unending sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace at the funerals of those who died.

I will never forget I am honored and blessed to live in the United States where I have the ability to pray and worship without fear.

I will never forget those in the military who even now fight to keep America free.

I will never forget that no matter her flaws, America is still the greatest country in the world and a beacon of light and hope to the world.

I hope none of us ever forget....

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Winners

I've decided to return to my hobby... photography. Lotus at Sarcastic Mom has inspired me.

My Weekly Winners for August 31 - September 6

My Buddy:

Beauty on my Porch:

He can stay and eat all the bugs he wants:

My Future:

Bird Watching:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Public Service Announcement: How To Vote

No, I'm not going to tell you *who* to vote for. I'm not even going to tell you who I'm voting for, although those who know me know who I will likely vote for. This post is a guide to how to decide who to vote for.

You see, I have noticed an alarming trend in recent years, and in this upcoming Presidential election especially. That trend is a movement toward moving away from voting actual issues and instead voting on pure emotion. In other words, people are voting for charisma or gender or simply against someone they don't like. Personally, I think this is a lot of what's wrong with politics today.

Anyway, this is simply my take on how voting should be done.

First, don't look at the candidate as a person. What!? you ask. No, seriously. If you look at the person, emotion gets involved. You might vote because he's "old and wise" or "young and charismatic."

Second, write out a list of your "hot button" issues. Yes, with a pen and paper (or a computer and keyboard if you're more inclined) sit down and think about what is important to you. Are you pro-choice, pro-family, want lower taxes, think strong borders are important? Well, write those down, then rank them in order of importance. I recommend at least 10 "hot button" issues, but you can have more.

Third, with list in hand research where the candidates stand on these issues. Here, I'll help you with a few online resources to get you started: On the Issues, Free Market Foundation, Project Vote Smart. (In the interest of full disclosure, I've not read any of these three websites for information, yet. I will, but I haven't yet.)

Finally, make your decisions based on your own study and opinions and thoughts. Don't rely on friends, family or (*shudder*) the main stream media for your information. Read and think for yourself. Please?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14

It has been a quiet week in my world. Nothing new and exciting to report, so instead of regaling you with the boring parts of my life, here are

1. Mythbusters on Discovery Channel did an episode on viral videos. Part of it was about fainting goats. I laughed so hard at this, I almost cried. I'm giggling now just thinking about it. (It doesn't hurt the goats, by the way.)

2. I got this one via e-mail a few weeks ago, but it makes me giggle to the point I have it bookmarked...

3. Me... no, seriously, I crack myself up quite often.

4. My cat Buddy who feels it necessary to run at top speed from the litter box like his tail is on fire when he is finished. Then he must run laps around the house.

5. The fact that the company I work for (now part-time) has spent the last couple of months "redoing" all of the company's employee titles. Now the person who was the Senior Systems Analyst is now Senior Analyst, Systems. The Quality Assurance Manager is now Manager, Quality Assurance. My favorite is my boss's "new" title... he was the Division Vice President Eastern Division. NOW, he's the Division Vice President, Eastern Division. Yep, the only difference is the comma. I'm just left to question... why did it take 3 months to agree to these changes and what difference does it really make?

6. The SciFi Channel's show Eureka.

7.This picture of Mr. B.

8. This Blog Post

9. This joke which was a response to my saying I was born in Texas:
Insurance Guy: Do you know Paul?
Me: Huh?
Insurance Guy: You know, Paul of Tarsus. He wasn't a Texan and the Bible has proof that he wasn't.
Me: (hesitantly) Okay?
Insurance Guy: Paul said to the Phillipians that "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content..." no Texan can be content in any state but Texas. (Phillipians 4:11 in case anyone wonders.)

10. One of the tests I took for school. It was so impossible that it was laughable.

11. This picture of PJ's Little Guy

12. The fact that there is a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure...

13. This blog post because I have giggled again as I've posted each one!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Universe is Laughing at Me

I have been complaining about feeling old lately. The reading glasses thing for some reason bothered me and I'm feeling old.

So yesterday morning, I stumble to the bathroom (I'm so not a morning person) bleary eyed and yawning and look in the mirror. To my horror, I have not one but two big zits on my nose... so much for old.

So, if you want to complain about being old and feeling old, be careful what you ask for because the Universe just may zap your nose, too!