Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14

It has been a quiet week in my world. Nothing new and exciting to report, so instead of regaling you with the boring parts of my life, here are

1. Mythbusters on Discovery Channel did an episode on viral videos. Part of it was about fainting goats. I laughed so hard at this, I almost cried. I'm giggling now just thinking about it. (It doesn't hurt the goats, by the way.)

2. I got this one via e-mail a few weeks ago, but it makes me giggle to the point I have it bookmarked...

3. Me... no, seriously, I crack myself up quite often.

4. My cat Buddy who feels it necessary to run at top speed from the litter box like his tail is on fire when he is finished. Then he must run laps around the house.

5. The fact that the company I work for (now part-time) has spent the last couple of months "redoing" all of the company's employee titles. Now the person who was the Senior Systems Analyst is now Senior Analyst, Systems. The Quality Assurance Manager is now Manager, Quality Assurance. My favorite is my boss's "new" title... he was the Division Vice President Eastern Division. NOW, he's the Division Vice President, Eastern Division. Yep, the only difference is the comma. I'm just left to question... why did it take 3 months to agree to these changes and what difference does it really make?

6. The SciFi Channel's show Eureka.

7.This picture of Mr. B.

8. This Blog Post

9. This joke which was a response to my saying I was born in Texas:
Insurance Guy: Do you know Paul?
Me: Huh?
Insurance Guy: You know, Paul of Tarsus. He wasn't a Texan and the Bible has proof that he wasn't.
Me: (hesitantly) Okay?
Insurance Guy: Paul said to the Phillipians that "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content..." no Texan can be content in any state but Texas. (Phillipians 4:11 in case anyone wonders.)

10. One of the tests I took for school. It was so impossible that it was laughable.

11. This picture of PJ's Little Guy

12. The fact that there is a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure...

13. This blog post because I have giggled again as I've posted each one!

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Anonymous said...

LOL - this list cracked me up! I love the crazy cat lady figure... I must get one!

Anonymous said...

Love the Panda video.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the crazy cat lady action figure!! That is HILAROIUS!!!

Patsy said...

I love the joke about Paul. I have to remember that one for the preacher. :)

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! What a fabulous list and idea for a T-13 :) I LOVED the first 2 clips. I had no idea goats fainted. And the panda is SO cute :) OMG @ the cat lady!

Gayle said...

How were reading my blog while I was reading yours. The odds of that have to be pretty high. Oh, the Panda was funny!

Debbie said...

Great list, it had me laughing too.

Anonymous said...

Those will definitely make you laugh!! Great list!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy TT!!

PopinFresh said...

hehe, number 11 is so cute. I never knew there was a cat lady action figure, how odd, but awesome.

~ Popin

Christine@AreWeThereYetmom said...

Thanks for the giggles.

Great idea for a T13!

The panda one I thought was too cute!

Carrie said...

Crazy Cat Lady (which is made by the same people who made the librarian action figure, Freud action figure, the Jesus action figure, etc.) also has an expansion pack with more cats. :)

Donna said...

That is just too funny, Carrie. And that just almost made me spit out the drink of Diet Coke I'd just taken!

elaine said...

LOL!!!! those poor little goats lol i think i have the same condition :)

Army Mom said...

I loved the fainting goats. I've seen all kinds of goats, never the fainting goats. That was most unusual. I wonder if it has any connection to what is called "fall attack" that older adults sometimes experience. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Julie said...

Thanks for thinking our craziness is funny. Nice to know there are other strange people out there!

Thor and I thought the panda was hysterical. We both giggled like crazy and watched it six or seven times.

Lori said...

GREAT idea for a TT! Now if I can just remember to steal it when needed...

I love the crazy cat lady figure too, and the post about not being sarcsatic about being sarcastic. :-D

Thanks for stopping by!