Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And $200 later it's just a really bad cold

Of course it is complicated by the allergies that have "overwhelmed" my allrgy medicine. Yep, that is what the doc said this morning. I have overwhelming allergies, but fortunately, at this time he doesn't think it has turned into bronchitis.

The doctor gave me a new allergy med prescription and a steriod shot. He told me to rest for today and then return to normal life tomorrow. Whew!

The cats are being all lovey today. Of course, I'm not totally coughing up a lung today. I'm coughing quite a bit, but not nearly as much now. Steroids are amazing things.

1 comment:

Anika said...

Oh, enjoy your time off! Well, that's what I do when I'm sick, which says a lot about me. . .
I hope you are feeling better, soon!