Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Facebook looks like High School

Is it just me or does everyone's facebook look like your high school year book? Other than a few relatives, the only people I know on Facebook are people from High School. I guess a big part of why the majority of people on there are high school is my upcoming high school reunion. Twenty years... um, yikes!

It isn't that big of a deal that the only people I know on Facebook are people from high school, except it brings up all those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy again. I mean, I have literally hesitated to ask someone to be my friend because I'm afraid they'll not remember me or turn me down/ignore me because they don't like me/didn't like me. I'm not sure which would be worse!

It is strange to me that we never get over how we felt at certain times in life and how certain people or situations can make us revert to a person we were "way back when." I am not at all the person I was in high school, nor do I want to be her again. I feel I've grown into a heck of a person and I like the me I am now. I can't say the same about the person I was then.

I said after my ten year reunion that I wouldn't ever go back to another one. I felt like I was in contact with the people I wanted to be in contact with and that was enough. I'd seen what I needed to see at that reunion and that was enough.

Time has mellowed my attitude toward going to the reunion. I still don't know if I'll actually go to it, but Facebook and time passing has made me curious. I have until next May to decide if I'm going or not. I guess we'll see if curiosty gets the best of me between now and then.


Carrie said...

My only issue with Facebook (aside from not quite "getting" it) is what to do when people I don't know but are friends of a friend send a friend request (I got one and as best I can tell from my friend, he probably knew Paul in youth group at church but Paul doesn't remember him). And then my sister-in-law's mother asked me to be a friend. What do I do there? I've met her once. I've not ignored her (I did ignore the other) but I've not done anything.

Julie said...

I never gone to facebook or myspace, but I assume it is similar to sites I have logged onto, and probably similar to blogging...

I have not gone to any of my HS reunions. I guess I just missed my 25th. Mostly I was living in Europe or Washington or Arizona and didn't want to travel back to Minnesota for a HS reunion.

I don't know, maybe I would enjoy it, but I don't have a whole lot of fond memories of high school, so going back? Not that appealing.

And by the way, Donna...I am not at all surprised that your MRI showed nothing in your head...(just kidding!) I think the gastric emptying scan will be more interesting, especially if the tech is the same guy who was on duty the night I threw up in their garbage cans three times. The only time in my life I had radioactive vomit.

It's a long story. I'll blog about it sometime...

Karen said... have friends on there that aren't relatives and aren't from high school. I know I'm on there, and if you haven't already, you can add Yolly, Erica and Beth. A whole quartet of catty friends.

Karen said...

Oh, Kimmee too!!!