Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Winners

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My Weekly Winners for September 7 - September 13

Before the storm:
This was taken as Ike rolled in to the Metroplex.

Ducks and Roses:
A nearby park.

Patriot Day:
Flags lined the road I live on.

The wreath next to my front door. It's made from barbed wire and wood from the barn and farm my daddy grew up on.

Buddy's Toes

My Favorite Pink Nose:
Maxie's cute pink nose.


connie said...

A great set of winners this week! My faves are: ducks & roses, patriot day, toesies & fave pink nose. All great though ;)

Patsy said...

I love the cloud shot. How many times have we seen skies that look like that in the panhandle? Wonderful color. Of course the ones of the cats are great and ducks and roses cute. :) Nice job #1 daughter.

maggie's mind said...

Oh, wow. These are some gorgeous shots! I love the clouds and the flags and what you did with the colors for the wreath. Of course the meows are adorable!

texasholly said...

Love the clouds!

Rebecca said...

I like the Patriot Day shot the best.

Rebecca - I'm a Canon girl! said...

Love the cloud shots, fabulous!
The wood from the barn is great too! :)

Karen said...


Rose said...

Awww that widdle nose. Too cute.
And those clouds looked so innocuous...
Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

merrymishaps said...

Great photos. I love the kitties!

secretagentmama said...

I absolutely love your perspective! Awesomeness!!

Sandy C. said...

What beautiful shots! I love the wreath and the sentiment behind it. That last one is so sweet :)

Corina said...

Some beautiful shots! Great job!

Patsy said...

Donna, love the new look.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Lovely photos with a meaningful message!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a good day!