Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Wool Pi and 100 degrees

I have a group of folks I chat with online (we're all crazy cat people with diabetic cats) and one of them makes a cat bed called a Kitty Pi. The are knitted with wool yarn and felted to make adorable cat beds.

Well, I got one for each of my guys in the mail all the way from Canada yesterday just as the weather has really heated up. Wool kitty beds in August.... hmmm. They did seem to enjoy them, though. (Maxie is the big kitty in the front, Buddy is in the back)

Well, for the first 20 minutes they were in the house they loved them, anyway. Then they decided the tile floors were cooler. My guess is, they won't be using them any time in the near future since this is our forecast for the five days....

WEDNESDAY: high 99 low 79 THURSDAY: high 100 low 79 FRIDAY: high 101 low 79 SATURDAY: high 102 low 79 SUNDAY: high 100 low 78

I guess honestly, I shouldn't complain since it is August 8 and we have yet to reach 100 degrees this year and we've had lots and lots of rain so we're not in a major drought. Still, 100+ degree weather makes me (and everyone else) cranky. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

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