Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm old and bitter, I guess

E-Harmony commercials have begun to really tick me off. As if I haven't been made to feel a failure by society, anyway, all those happy couples who are e-Harmony successes make me wonder what I did wrong.

Why do I sound a little bitter and angry? What is my experience with dating on e-Harmony? Well, I spoke with or e-mailed a whopping six guys, I went on a total of four first dates, and all of this in just a little over three years on e-Harmony. The first guy was still married. (I know!!) The second guy, there was just NOTHING there. The third guy, nothing again. The fourth (and final) guy my friends have dubbed as "Freak Boy" beause he was so very oddly and angrily jealous after one date. They joked that I'd have ended up locked in a small room away from family and friends.

So, I guess I'm never going to end up as a commercial for e-Harmony.

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Carrie said...

Um, at least you're not on the "rejected by eHarmony" commercials. :D