Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bittersweet Memories

It is funny how things can make you happy and sad all at once. C sent me a picture with the simple message of "Someone had he same idea as Bob." A whole flood of memories, regrets, shoulda/coulda thoughts came into my mind as I laughed at the blurry picture.

Suicide is an awful thing. It is final for the one who commits suicide but unending for those who are left behind with memories, regrets, and shoulda/coulda thoughts.

Slowly, though, the regrets and tears are replaced by the bittersweet memories brought about by a simple jack-o-lantern carved in a centerpiece pumpkin with mums planted in it.

Last Thursday would have been Bob's 36th birthday.


Carrie said...

I thought of that too. Stopped and said a little prayer on Thursday for his family and friends. I think I'll always miss him and I'll always live with a whole mess of shoulda/coulda thoughts.

And I swear that picture wasn't that blurry when I took it.

Patsy said...

Remember the *Gay Decorator* routine he used to do???? I loved that -- and the time he was so shocked becaused I called him a not so nice name while playing Trivia Pursuit??? Those are a couple the memories of Bob I have and will charish always. Remember -- that is the best thing to do.