Monday, March 24, 2008

Did you know?

Okay, so this is probably more than you ever wanted to know about bluebonnets, but I found it interesting.

While I was looking for bluebonnet pictures to put in my last post, I discovered a few facts about bluebonnets I didn't know. Since it is Texas trivia, I found it interesting. You see, Texas has not one, but five state flowers. They're all bluebonnets, but different species.

In March, 1901, the state legislature made the buffalo clover (Lupinus subcarnosis) the state flower.

Another species, Texas bluebonnets, (Lupinus texensis) was more popular with Texans.
So, in 1971, the Texas legislature cleared up any doubt about what the state flower is (or created more confusion depending on your point of view) by making any species of bluebonnet officially the state flower.

There are five species of bluebonnets. The other three are:

Lupinus argenteus Lupinus concinnus (Bajada Lupine or Scarlet Lupine)

Lupinus havardii (Big Bend Bluebonnet)
Okay, so this is really just an excuse to put more bluebonnets in my blog because they are pretty and they make me smile.


Patsy said...

I'll pass that info along. As a teacher (former teacher that is :) I like to share this type information with fellow teachers and students. And Bluebonnets do make one smile, don't they.

Donna said...

I think being a teacher is somewhat like being a Marine... you're never a "former"!!