Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Meltdown has Ended

I'm better today. I think I have successfully picked all my balls up and I'm juggling like mad again.

I didn't have to work full shifts at the photo job this weekend because we were slow, so I was able to get the practice hours I needed before 11:59 tonight (the latest I can turn in assignments for the week.) I won't get full paychecks, but I did get my school work done. It's a catch-22, but in the end, the school work is most important.

Tonight I am relaxing by watching a hockey playoff game (Go Stars!!) if you can call hockey playoffs relaxing. The house is still a total and complete wreck, the dishes and laundry are still piled up and I'm not really okay with it, but I'm too tired and lazy tonight to do anything about it. I guess I'll just look really nice at work next week because all of my normal work clothes are dirty.

Next week will be more of the same. Hopefully I'll be able to better manage my time so I can get my school work done and maybe have a day off. A girl can dream, can't she.


Julie said...

I'm glad the meltdown is ended...Just make sure you get enough sleep and do something for yourself occasionally. Like watching hockey and ignoring the laundry.

I will tell Zach you love his new tattoo. I am very anxious for him to get home from school so I can hear what his friends thought. And if I had been able to go with him when he got it, i am fairly certain he would have talked me into a matching one -- not the whole PacMan bicep thing, but maybe a ghost on the shoulder or something...

Anika said...

You know, I've never watched a Stars game?? I need to do something about that! Don't worry a moment about laundry or dishes . . . it's a sign you've been productive elsewhere in your life!