Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And Cue the Panic...

When you wake up in the middle of the night thinking, "oh crap what have I done..." you can pretty much assure your day is not going to be the best one you've ever had.

So far, things have gone pretty much as I expected with school. I'm progressing, but it is slow going. Lots of time on the machine is the fix for the problems I'm having, though. Hmmm... I think that is why I quit my job.

I have called all of the firms in the areas I want to move and now they are all telling me that business is slow and they aren't hiring. I realize that January is quite a while away, but having something like an available job is good motivation! Okay, so Texas may not be where I practice. I am going to qualify and sit for the (then pass the) Texas CSR exam in January, regardless of whether I practice here right away or not.

So, now it looks like New Mexico might be my best bet. I've spoken with their CCR Board a several times and read and re-read their website and rules and I was/am a bit confused by it. The person I spoke to at the Board assures me that the pesky "and" in their rules will be changed or deleted at the October meeting (then it has to be aggreed upon and approved by the State Supreme Court) and I shouldn't have any problems considering I'm sitting for the RPR in November. They also have a Provisional License where I can practice for up to two years under a Licensed Reporter while I'm continuing to practice and sit for the RPR.

Also, as I've looked at various job boards, it looks like I can move to Kentucky if I want or Montana. Both have lots of job openings, but since the goal is to move closer to the Panhandle not further away.... well, I think I'll pass on those. (Caveat as always: Prince Charming comes along and sweeps me off my feet.. :) )

So, between the disappointing job outlook in the area I'd prefer to move, this not getting a paycheck thing (still waiting on the 401(k) payout) has me a bit stressed. I know it is coming, so I'm not just totally wigged out, but paying for things knowing that on Friday the money I'm spending isn't going to be replaced is scary. Watching my bank account dwindle while waiting is hard. This month's bills are about due andmy $233 electric bill was a bit of a shock. (I live in a 20+ year old apartment complex, on the second floor, with a vaulted ceiling, and while I had them do maitenance on my AC before it got hot, 26 of the 31 days in this billing cycle were 100+ degrees... ugh.)

I'm trying to remind myself that it is all a means to an end and I am doing what is necessary and it will all work out. I have a plan. It is a good plan. I am acting on that plan to reach my goals. I can do this.

But mostly, I'm just telling myself I have to breathe.... and practice.

RPR = Registered Professional Reporter. Certification given by the National Court Reporters Association
CSR = Certified Shorthand Reporter. Texas' state certification
CCR = Certified Court Reporter. New Mexico's certification

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You, sweetheart, are NOT being whiny. You are in a really scary place but it will pass...I promise. Have you checked out some of the smaller towns? That might be your best place to start.