Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday and found out I needed either bifocal glasses or contact lenses and reading glasses. Now, I wasn't totally surprised by it, but a little taken aback, because isn't it old people who need reading glasses and/or bifocals?

Thirteen Things I've Discovered Since I got Reading Glasses

1. My computer monitor is really, really dirty

2. I was squinting to read a whole lot and didn't even realize it until I'm not doing it

3. I'm actually really vain (not that there's anything wrong with that, right Moma? )

4. There are some really cute reading glasses in the world and some really, really ugly ones.

5. Words on pages don't have halos

6. When wearing reading glasses, it is hard to watch TV and be on the computer

7. I can make the size of the font on my computer screen smaller and still see it

8. The view screen on my digital camera is really, really dirty

9. When wearing reading glasses, don't pull them way down on your nose so you can look over them because you look like a dork

10. My cell phone screen is really, really dirty

11. It isn't impossible to put the screw back into the temple of my sunglasses to fix them I just couldn't see it well enough before to fix it

12. COBRA coverage is really expensive! (I know that doesn't have anything to do with the reading glasses, but I got the letter in the mail today and it was the first thing I read with my new reading glasses)

13. It is hard to come up with 13 things about Reading Glasses.

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elaine said...

it may be hard, but you did it! mine was hard this week too, why don't you stop by with your new glasses, i promise it will be easy on the eyes :)

Hootin' Anni said...

# 1 and #10....for me, I don't need any kind of glasses to know that about's a given. rofl

My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

Patsy said...

Vain, me vain --- Look I'm now wearing those pesky bifocal glasses all the time --- so don't go calling me vain. By the way you may look like a dork with the reading glasses pulled down, but you do it so that when you look to the distance you can see what is there! Cute -----

Christie O. said...

haha! yes, there are some really ugly ones out there. but there are some really really cute ones! i needed them briefly but then decided i didn't. whatever. and yes! cobra's out of control! good luck with the new look though! :) love the title of your blog, too. i feel the same exact way! if "they" only knew!

PJ said...

At least you bit the bullet and did it! I think I need them, but thought I'd try the 'eye exercises' first -- the doc says it will help, but prob only if I actually do them!

amanew said...

Question-Didn't Carrie need bifocals when she first got glasses? And wasn't she in about
2nd or 3rd grade? Anyway now I know what to get you for Christmas, what is your strength?

Julie said...

I can see great up close without glasses, but I can't see very well wearing my glasses, which i need since I am blind beyond a foot or so...

I have a prescription for contacts, which I keep forgetting to have filled (pesky visits to the hospital and Tucson and unpacking 18,140 pounds of household goods and all keeping me busy and forgetful...). But when I wear contacts, I do wear reading glasses. Costco had really cute ones for cheap! I love Costco.