Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Amarillo by Morning

I didn't come up from San Antonio, but the cats and I made it to Amarillo without a hitch. It was an easy drive on Saturday. I even made it in time for dinner with the grandparents.

Sunday, I spent in Sunray with the other grandparents. It was great.

My internship started on Monday. I am just going to say it now... I love what I'm doing. I have had so much fun the past three days working at the Court Reporting firm. I've done depositions for an assault case. I've done depositions from a car accident. I've done a failure to pay depo. Finally, today I got to go to court and sit in on a drug case. I'm doing everything the official reporter for each of those jobs is doing, but it "doesn't count" for anything. It is a total blast getting to see that I really can do it. I can actually write and it hasn't all been for naught. I am getting probably 90% of what is being said and I'm getting most of the parentheticals like marking exhibits, lawyers speaking in colloquey, etc. I really love it. I get to be in everyone's business and (eventually) get paid for it.

I did get some rather upsetting news today, though. The firm owner who was going to hire me in January to do either proofreading/scoping or as a reporter won't be able to hire me. The contract she thought she had fell through. The judge decided that he wasn't going to contract the job afterall. It's a bummer. Especially since, if the Boss decides to close the office I'm currently working in and I'm not done with school in September, I'm totally up a creek without any paddle! But (positive self-talk alert) since I am going to qualify and I am going to pass the test in September, I shouldn't be unemployed for long. I hope.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

How long are you going to be in Amarillo???

I am planning on being there Saturday. Maybe we could meet up? email me at:

Losing Myself said...

I glad you are enjoying the work. Of course, everyting will fall into place and you will pass the test (the first time). It was so goog to see you over the weekend.