Saturday, June 28, 2008

Godspeed, Dear Robin. May You Rest in Peace

It is amazing to me how much you can grow to respect someone you've never met.

In 2006, when Maxie was diagnosed with feline diabetes, I found a website aptly named Feline Diabetes, and through it the FDMB (Feline Diabetes Message Board). Through that board, I have learned about caring for my diabetic cat. I have also made several dear friends with whom I have laughed with, celebrated victories with, and cried with.

One of the wonderful people I had the honor to "meet" through FDMB was Robin. I think it was about the time I came to the board that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, so she wasn't around much, but her posts and wisdom were often quoted, so I got to be a recipient of her knowledge that way.

Today I read the words I didn't want to read. Robin has lost her fight with cancer. She beat the breast cancer and how we celebrated. But a second primary tumor attacked her brain. She fought, you can't imagine how hard she fought, to beat this one back. Her survival time was double the predictions, but she lost her battle Friday night.

Her eulogy thread described her as:
An accountant and computer programmer by profession, Robin joined the feline diabetes community in 1998 when her beloved Tigger (GA) was diagnosed. Her contributions to the group as a whole have been numerous and important. Above all, she embodied the scientific spirit, always demanding an evidence based and logical approach to treating our cats. New research was discovered in her searches and forwarded to us. Old and rare cases were stored in her memory and brought forth when someone needed information. Her voice comes through strong and clear in many of the important FDMB documents. Although her no-nonsense style of writing was sometimes underappreciated, her information was solid gold - as was the indomitable heart behind it.

Rest In Peace, Robin. You will be missed.

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