Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13 #4

I know I'm supposed to do my 13 things I like about me, but I promise I will do them next week. This gives everyone (except Mom, who has already done hers) an extra week.

Thirteen Things I've learned about Court Reporting from my Internship

1. Court Reporting is hard work

2. Court Reporters (at least the ones I've met) are a lot of fun

3. I'm really, really excited that this is what I've chosen to do with my life

4. Contrary to what anyone says, you can come home again (at least you can after 15 years away)

5. Looks cannot indeed kill, although if they could an ADA would have killed a police officer on Wednesday

6. All of those jury charges in school sound just exactly like what happened in court!

7. Briefs are good (the court reporting kind, I have to reserve judgment on the boxer/brief debate)

8. I really need a new steno machine

9. I don't need a new computer, though

10. I really would like to have a court and be an official reporter as opposed to a freelance writer

11. Tort reform has changed the court reporting industry considerably

12. Writing on your machine for 6 hours straight will make you very tired

13. When the lawyers take a break, take that opportunity to go potty because you might not get the chance again!

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Patsy said...

Ok, I misunderstood this list thing. I thought THEY would give me a topic to list. Now I see that you just issued the What I Like About Me challenge. I went to site and signed up, but I don't think I did anything else correctly. And what is your Thursday Thirteen name? I didn't see A Grown-Up, Really? there. More qestions than answers. I also have a question about how you got the days hours thing under each blog. That is pretty cool. Another thing. How can I put my avatar from yahoo on my blog site? I saw some else had theirs and thought that would be cool to do. We can discuss all of this when I get home. :)

Losing Myself said...

Hey Donna, now that you have inspired me to start a new blog, , I expect a link.....(please)