Monday, December 22, 2008

Over the River and Through the...

There were no woods on my trip to the Panhandle today. There were, lots and lots of highway patrol out. I didn't meet any of them up close and personally on this trip. Thank goodness.

It is very, very cold here. Okay. I realize that "very, very" is relative. It's mid-20s here and the wind is still blowing hard outside. I'm safe and sound inside, though. It was strange driving without the kitties this trip. I've left them home with a pet sitter because my cousin's hubby is really allergic (like the throat swelling, eyes swelling allergic) to them, so I volunteered to leave them home. I was fortunate to find someone I trust to keep them -- and it isn't costing nearly as much as it would have to board them or to hire a professional pet sitter. They'll be fine.

About three-quarters of the way here, I called my Gran and she said that Mom, Sis A, Miss A and Bennin all have a tummy bug. I will see them later in the week. There was no way I was going over there (as I'd planned) today. There is nothing in the world I hate worse than throwing up, so as much as I want to see them all, my desire for self-preservation is stronger than my desire to see them. I'll just have to wave from afar for a day or two.

Nothing much else going on. The Christmas food-fest has begun. I'm going to try to be good, but make no promises... especially Christmas day when I'll have dueling grandmothers making Christmas meals.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a real laugh riot when they said we would get in the 40s today? It's 32. I was going to run out and find a quick cache, but it's too cold!!