Monday, December 8, 2008

Yes, there will be life after court reportng school

I'm still frustrated with school and the photo job and the photo job manager and life in general, but school goes on. Thank you to those who said a prayer for me. I feel them and hope you continue to keep me on your prayer lists.

It's a struggle, but this is something I want -- I really want. I'm going to start looking into other options about what to do with the career so I can earn money! This not being *really* employed is nerve wracking and adding to my stress instead of taking it away. An unexpected result, for sure!

But, after much soul searching and whining and tears and venting (thank you, Moma) I am much calmer and have rededicated my efforts to completing school.

As normal with things worthwhile, they are never easy. Two steps forward and one step back -- not only is it a great dance, it's true to life.


Losing Myself said...

I have awarded you the Lemonade Award. Please visit here for details.

Hang in there, kiddo!

Stephanie said...

Keep your head up, sweetie...there are lots of people out here who love you and are hoping things look up. :-)