Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, this is how the other half lives...

Day three of unemployment (that is only scheduled to last for a week) and full-time school. It's crazy to not have to get up and GO to work. I am still trying to get up on time (around 7:30) and clean up and get ready for the day and then start school. So far, so good. I think this is going to work well. I feel good about it and my ability to progress in school.

Today, though, I needed to run an errand and did it at about 2:00. It was so nice to be able to just go like a SAHM would and not have to worry about getting there before they closed (not that I am in any way comparing myself to a stay at home mom by way of the work they do, just that I also am at home during normal work hours) only without the kids in tow.

Still, all the best laid plans have fallen aside. I was going to get up, get dressed, work on school stuff, clean my house, excercise... well, unfortunately, I've fallen victim to the siren call that is afternoon television. I do my get dressed/school routine of a morning, but by afternoon, I need a break and the couch/remote combo calls to me like the sirens did sailors.

"Come, waste time here... who needs a clean house...." Oddly enough one of the shows I've "discovered" is on BBC America and is called How Clean is Your House? These two shrill-voiced British women go into these houses that should be condemned for being so filthy (all of which make my house seem clean by comparison) and teach the hoarders and filthy housed people to clean their houses and (along with the people who live there and a team of cleaners) clean and organize the house. Still, by comparison, my house doesn't look so bad.

I've also fallen victim to the computer... it is amazing how much time I can waste reading blogs, doing random Google searches, etc. All of which have nothing to do with my goal of a clean house or buns of steel.

Ah, well, my week-long unemployment ends next week. I am planning to go in and work all day Tuesday and Thursday and if necessary half a day another day of the week. For now, just Tuesday and Thursday. I have discovered that I will need to get up, get dressed and go to the library or some other such place to practice.

As for school. I have created a list of goals and I am going to print a small one to put on my machine and another to put on my bathroom mirror. Supposedly, by writing them out, posting them where I practice and in the bathroom and reading them to myself, it will help me to achieve them more quickly. Here's hoping!

Oh, and the cats have just about quit staring at me like I'm interrupting their day by being here. Now, they just ignore me.


Carrie said...

I love How Clean is Your House? Those ladies rock. And I'm really good at piddling the day is a great way to feel smugly better about not doing anything.

And writing out the goals can't be a bad suggestion.

Lisa said...

Hiya - I had two summers off and all my big ideas of classes to take and things to do were left in the dust. The first summer, I surfed the net until 10, took a shower, went into town, maybe visited a coffeeshop, and generally just hung around accomplishing nothing. Started dinner so that when the husband got home, it would look like I was doing something. I was lost without a routine and drifted into some weird funky place.

Second summer? Had a better routine and didn't get depressed. Still didn't accomplish a whole lot but really appreciated the time off and enjoyed it.

Even if it's just a week, enjoy your slogging around. :) But if it's longer, I would encourage a routine. (and yeah, my cats were all like "What are you doing here? Don't you have someplace to be?")


ps: enjoying your blog!

EatPlayLove said...

sometimes I just resort to unplugging the television. It gets the trick done when I am lured in and feeling unmotivated to get other things done!

Zee said...

Totally catching up on your blog... Re: the buns of steel video: is it the one with the strawberry blond dude with the beard leading the exercises? Because if it is, that's the one I have and it is totally awesome!

Also, when I stay home from work, my cat does the exact same thing. She just stares and stares at me until she finally just goes and hides under the bed.