Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 4: Bulk packaging has gone too far

I work two jobs... my regular job and my "fun" job on the weekends. On weekends, I am a portrait photographer. I work in a mall store which, in some respects, is a step down from my former professional photograpy job in a big studio and shooting weddings. In many, many other ways it is much better than than the studio job ever was. For one, I like my co-workers and we all get along for the most part. Everyone who works at the weekend job is female. That leads to some interesting conversations and work dynamics.

Today, one of my co-workers was dizzy and nauseous and has been complaining for a couple of weeks of extreme fatigue. Hmmmmm, pregnant? We all think so. But, she insisted that there is 'no way' she could be pregnant. We all laughed at that (see earlier comment about interesting conversations) and proceeded to tease her all day that she must be pregnant. By the end of the day we'd worked her up to a complete frenzy. I got off work before she did so when I clocked out she asked me to go get her a pregnancy test. She just had to know before hubby came to pick her up after work. Off I go to Walgreens to buy a test.

I get to the aisle with them and started looking at the vast array of brands and styles. There is everything from ones you have to pee in a cup and use an eye-dropper thing to put the pee in the test to ones with digital readouts. I was somewhat shocked to see that, for the most part, they all come in 'bulk packs' of up to 5 tests... who knew? There was even brand one marked "Buy one Get one Free," and they came in packages of 4!! Um, okay?

There was another lady in the aisle with me (she looked just slightly older than me) and she asked (quite cautiously) if I needed help. I said that yes, I needed one that only had ONE test in it. I then, for some reason, felt compelled to explain to her that it wasn't for me but for a friend. I told her all about my co-worker and she agreed that co-worker was likely preggy. She then explained that they come in mulitple packs for people like her who took the first two and had to take the third because she didn't believe the first two.

Finally, I found a single test package, bought it, and took it back to the studio. It was negative, by the way.

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