Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 16: Texas Cities... what you write about when you have no clue

I have no idea what to write about today, so I'm going to come up with a city in Texas for each letter of the alphabet.... Think of it as your Texas Information lesson for the day.

A -- Austin: The Capital
B -- Brownsville: The bottom of Texas
C -- Corpus Christi: Where Mom's hairdresser grew up
D -- Dallas: Home of the Cowboys, Stars & Mavericks!
E -- El Paso: About as far west as you can go in Texas
F -- Fredricksburg:
G -- Galveston It's a city on an island
H -- Houston: The Bayou City
I -- Irving: Where the Cowboys play until 2009
J -- Jacksonville: Tomato Capital of the World
K -- Keller: City where I work
L -- Lukenbach: made famous by Willie, Waylon & the Boys
M -- Marfa: Home of the mysterious lights
N -- Nacogdoches: Oldest Town in Texas
O -- Odessa: Oil fields
P -- Port Lavaca: Home of the longest fishing pier
Q -- Quanah: Named for Quanah Parker
R -- Roanoke: Home of the late Byron Nelson
S -- South Padre Island: SPRING BREAK
T -- Texline: The Top of Texas (and where I graduated from high school)
U -- Uvalde
V -- Victoria: the South Texas Crossroads
W -- Waco: (home of Dr. Pepper)
X -- ?
Y -- Yoakum
Z -- Zapata: where they hang glide

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Julie said...

Hmm I wasn't even expecting there to be a city starting with Q, but good to know that only X is left out heh. Good meme idea!