Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 21: Over the river and throught the woods...

I'm posting early today because it is travel day! I think I have just about everything ready to go. I've got my list of things I can't forget for both me and the cats. I just have to say that I am in awe of people who travel with children. How on earth they get out the door with everything including the kids is beyond me.

I am off to the Houston area for the long weekend. I'm so excited to get to be with my family... a little sad that my brothers won't be there also, but it will be fun with just the girls. It's a dual celebration this year. Daddy is a turkey this year! (His birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year.) He's 59. Wow!

Anyway, there will be 9 of us at Moma's new house this year. We're having turkey and all the traditional trimmings. I predict lots of food and football for tomorrow. A good time will likely be had by all.

Hopefully, it will be an easy trip down there. I don't forsee any problems except heavier than normal trafic. I-35 is always busy on holidays!

So, for all those who are traveling to see friends and family this week, please be safe. I hope everyone enjoys visits with family and friends and stops to give thanks for blessings in life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.: Happy Birthday, P!

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Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

(People with kids don't really remember everything -- we just buy the stuff we forgot and can't live without, or try to convince our little ones that dixie cups and kleenexes are fun fun toys. As a parent, I spend lots of time trying to convince my kids of stuff. They have become deeply skeptical of me...;) )