Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 11: Cats are funny

I know I said I'd only talk about the cats (1) on Saturdays or (2) when they scare the complete crap out of me (see Day 2). Well, tonight I am sitting here on my couch laughing at the cats. I have 2 identical chairs in my living room. They sit side by side. The cats only like one of them. I have actually rearranged the two chairs and it is the not actually the chair but the location they seem to like most.

Maxie was laying in the chair tonight alseep. Buddy got up into the chair with him and shoved him out of the chair. He started out laying next to Max, then rolled over and put his feet on Maxie and started stretching until finally he was sprawled over the seat of the chair not leaving Maxie enough room! Now, Maxie is a slim 18 pounds and stands 16 inches tall at his shoulder and Buddy is only 9 pounds and rather petite. A little later, Maxie went back and battle royale ensued over said chair. Maxie won that and reclaimed his spot.

After a quick nap, Maxie got up to do his regular patrol of the house. Buddy took advantage and is now sleeping round in the chair and Maxie is sleeping on the rug.

Strange kitties.... or maybe just a bored kitty's person who promised herself she'd blog every day in November and she just didn't have anything else to blog about!


Carrie said...

Dang--Jub moves us out of the seat when he really wants to stretch out. And the chair in the bedroom should have a sign that states that the chair is only for Jubjub, all others should just move on to the next seat. Honestly--it's the most expensive cat bed around.

Donna said...

Well, at least my 'cat beds' were free! You're right, though. They do move me over when they want the couch or my spot on the bed. It's amazing how a little bit of fur can be so full of attitude (or CAT-itude as some would call it!).