Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 24: Thanksgiving 2007 is now in the record books

The holiday weekend has wound down and folks are heading home. C & P are staying at a hotel tonight for an early flight back to ABQ and A&D and the kiddos left a day earlier than planned because of iffy weather (both here and on the way home). It's just me now. So, tomorrow Moma and I are going to clean the house a bit and decorate her house for Christmas ('cause it's more fun to do with someone!) and then I'll head home, too.

It has been a great weekend. The drive down on Wednesday afternoon was easy even thought there was lots of traffic in Ft. Worth and a bit of rain close to Moma's. Thursday was great with all the cooking and laughing and family fun. Friday was more of the same. Then today everything wound down.

The cats in the tent was a great idea (thank you, Daddy). They watched me unzip it a couple of times and Maxie figured out how to do it himself so they pretty much have had the run of the garage for the weekend. But they were close and I didn't have to worry about them, so it was a wonderful solution for what to do with them.


The Byrd said...

I love the cats in the tent! I'm so glad it worked out. I don't know if you have an Ikea near you but I got these for my cats, and they love love love it! (speaking of tents)

Erica said...

that link to the ikea tent is the same one that jezebel has. she loves it. and its huge! two jezebels could easily fit in it. they'd be great for maxie and buddy. and not at all expensive.

Carrie said...

Jub received one of those tents last year at Christmas. He went in it one time--long enough for us to take a picture to send to the friends who gave it to us. And he's not been in it since. If you'd like it for your cats, let me know. I think it's in the garage in the Goodwill pile but I can pull it out if you'd like it.