Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 14: My Morning

This morning, just like most every weekday morning, I was doing that last minute rush to get out of the house while running through the checklist of things I have to do before I walk out the door: Are the cats fed? Check. Lights off? Check. Litter scooped? Check. Have keys? Check. Cell phone? Check. And so on.

Generally (and unfortunately quite often) I lose my keys and there is the 2 minute, where-the-heck-did-I-put-them-oh-there-they-are kind of hunt. Because of that I have tried very hard to get into the habit of putting my purse and keys in their place (keys on the key peg and purse on the door knob to the coat closet) so I don't have to hunt for them as I rush around of a morning.

This morning, I was running my usual 5 minutes late and as I grabbed my purse to drop something into it on the way out the front door, I realized my wallet (with EVERYTHING in it) was not there. Um, can you say YIKES!!!!

It is amazing how fast your brain works when in a state of panic. (enter curse word here) What was the last check number? (enter curse word here) What cards are there and what is the number I have to call to cancel them all? (enter curse word here) Did I drop that prescription off at the pharmacy or is it still in the wallet? (enter curse word here) If I did lose it last night, how much damage has already been done?

I called the last place I'd been (grocery store) to check to see if someone had turned it in. No. (enter curse word here) Check the car. Not there. (enter curse word here) Come in the house where could it be? Full on panic mode is setting in at this point. I turn and glance toward the couch and there, peeking out from between my cushions, I see a bit of pink. Crisis averted. (enter serious prayers of thanksgiving here)

Time from beginning of panic to finding lost item: approximately 5 minutes. Years taken off of my life: approximately 5. Relief I felt when I found my fabulous pink wallet: Immeasurable.


Julie said...

We have a drawer for all the keys. Except mine. My keys are always wherever I happen to put down my bag. Which is also where my cell phone usually can be found as well. My keys and cell phone would fit nicely in the drawer, keep the other keys company. And yet, there they are, on the dining room table, or the kitchen counter, or the computer desk.

Glad you didn't lose your wallet and have to go through all those hassles and worries.

Plus then you would have to find a replacement, and that's not easy when you have a fabulous pink one...

The Byrd said...

I loved this post because I "lose" my keys every day. We have tried everything, but wherever I go when I walk in, is where they are.