Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 28: Black Friday

Well, I was determined NOT to go shopping today. I don't like shopping and I hate crowds, so Black Friday is not a good day for me to be out and about. Unfortunately, through poor planning on my part, I had to go to, of all places, Target to go to the pharmacy because I didn't have enough to last the weekend. I went around noon and that was the best time to go. Must have been between waves of shoppers because I got an up front parking place and there were others available. I wandered a bit because he script wasn't ready. Not overly crowded inside, either. Got my prescription, grabbed lunch, considered going to a couple of stores and thought better of it.

Tomorrow the fun really starts at the photo job. Oh joy.


Julie said...

I went to Target today too. It was very crowded, but it's the first Target in Alaska, only opened last month, so it's always busy. We got Made of Honor and 27 Dresses for Tess for Christmas, since she likes watching girly romantic movies with me. The only girly thing about my daughter, well, that and a love of shoe shopping.

Carrie said...

We headed out about 2:30 or so this afternoon to go to Best Buy--it wasn't too bad. I think as long as you go after the early bird specials, you don't hit too many crowds. And the few times I've gone on Saturday, it's been really slow.